Q: What is Koleksi RAW Anime?
A: Koleksi RAW Anime provide mirror alternative direct download links for RAW Animes.

Q: Is it free?
A: Yes, absolutely free.

Q: Are you providing XDCC download?
A: Not anymore. Please go to [email protected]

Q: The link downloads seems down, would you mind to reupload?
A: Sorry, we don’t keep the archives. We dont have much storage you expected.

Q: How do I do with extension file of 001, 002 or 003?
A: Download hjsplit. Choose “merge” file.

Q: Do you provide english subtitles?
A: Sometime yes, sometime no. But today we will do our best to provide english subs also (ass).

Q: I couldn’t download this file, what is the password?
A: meong.

Q: I want to help you mirroring the files, can I attach new link?
A: Sure, you can. Just write it on comments.

Q: How can I help you guys?
A: Any help would be appreciated, but fundraising would be better for us for server costs.

Q: How do I extract .xz extension?
A: Please use 7zip to extract .xz extension.

Q: Do you have premium DDL link? Is it free?
A: Yes, at the moment, we called it Tohsaka Rin server, brought2you by \dev\sda. Please use it wisely.
A: Another one are hashirama and yufa.

Q: Do you plan to add new premium DDL link?
A: Yes, we are on it once the fund available.

Q: How to download from hugefiles?
A: Go to hugefiles.net link, solve the captcha below and start download.

Q: How to download via go4up?
A: Click the text link for download, don’t click the button.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Just leave the comments. Or go to our Blog and comment it.

Q: How long the mirror links will last?
A: Mirror download link last until 90 days since first date upload.

Q: How long yufa DDL server will last?
A: Yufa DDL server will last 60-70 days since first date upload. Help us to expand it by donate by any means.

Q: Any new stuff?
A: Yes, recently we have added Kurashina server and also XDCC server within irc.encore.pw on channel #koleksi.raw

Q: How long Kurashina server’s file will be kept?
A: Usually 60-80 days long.

Q: How do I help you?
A: Please donate us via bitcoin or paypal.